Got an event coming up and want a unique invitation design? Have an idea, or maybe an uncommon party theme in mind and can't find the perfect invite to match? I can design a stylish, one-of-a-kind invitation that will fit your vision perfectly!


Simply give me a brief list of the theme (colours, elements, styles) and content you'd like in the sections below.


If you'd like to provide additional information or guidance, please send me an email ( with the following in the subject line: 'Custom Order #XXXXXX, More Design Details'


PLEASE NOTE: if you select 'Custom Size' please ensure you specify the size in 'mm' or 'cm' that you require.

'A Blank Canvas' - Personally Designed Invitations

  • Supplied as a high resolution PDF file to print at home

    Size as individually listed, and supplied with crop marks for easy use.

    For best results: 

    - Select a slightly thicker paper stock if your printer allows (I recommend between 120gsm - 250gsm, matte finish paper stock)

    - Set your printer to high resolution print.

    - Select 'Actual Size' to print true-to-size. If you'd like them to print smaller or larger, select 'Custom Scale' and select your own % scale.